Incense and White Sneakers

candlesIn the adoration chapel on Thursday night, Deacon kneeled before the Blessed Sacrament wafting incense from a censer onto the Host. He was wearing an alb under robes of white and gold that glistened beautifully in the candlelight. The scene was surreal and mystical until I noticed his nondescript white sneakers poking out from underneath the alb. A moment in which the mundane meets the spiritual.

He reminded me of Zechariah, who drew his lot and went into the temple of the Lord to light incense. He didn’t expect to meet an angel there, even though he knew he labored before God. We humans are very good at forgetting the spiritual reality which underpins our entire earthy existence.

I lose my bearings amid my anxieties, busyness and comfort. I tend to look at seemingly impossible situations and forget that with God, anything is possible. I turn into Zechariah, disbelieving God’s promises. When Zechariah questioned the angel’s message that Elizabeth would conceive and bear John the Baptist, he was struck dumb for her entire pregnancy.

Yesterday at Mass everything I had experienced for several days synthesized and brought me back to the glory of God as I sang the refrain from the responsorial psalm, “let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!”. Zechariah, indeed.

There is something that I have been wrestling with. I waver between thinking that it’s God’s will for me, and waffling because I see my own weaknesses.

Sunday He gently reminded me, anything is possible with God and I am not in it alone! Neither are you.


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