A Matter of Expectations


Self portrait. I’m the one on the left.

Last week I found myself walking the track in the opposite direction of traffic. This was not entirely my fault as I put myself completely at the mercy of toddler wiles. As we walked the wrong way, we passed some of my mom-quaintances as they exercised together in the correct direction. The interaction made me feel strangely ostracized, and it was somewhat emblematic of my social life over the last several years. The ladies did not mean to exclude me. Toddler chasing is naturally exclusive, especially when it happens unconventionally. The interaction left me unsettled for the rest of our time at the playground.

After thinking about my discomfort I realized that I seem to operate in the expectation that I will be excluded, an attitude which needs a little (a lot of?!) mental adjustment. Especially since I’m living in the year of Hello! Approaching situations with those kinds of expectations in a way ensures that they are met.

So here’s to playgrounds! And self discovery! And new expectations!


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