Daily Rosary Hack

rosaryhackLinking up with Blessed is She today!

Disclaimer: this is such a little thing that it hardly warrants an entire blog post, but it has made a difference for me and might perhaps be helpful for someone else as well.

My devotion to praying the rosary daily started out as a Lenten cop-out.

For Lent I gave up listening to the radio in my car so that I could increase the amount of silence in my day. As Lent wore on, the sacrifice got more and more tiresome. I already listen mainly to Guadalupe Radio, and I was missing some of my favorite faith-building shows and podcasts. Enter the tweak.

My little compromise was this: I can only listen to the radio after praying the rosary.

This practice has been so fruitful and beautiful that it actually outlasted Lent! Praying while driving has always been good for me because I have a hard time sitting still and listening when I’m in my house. While driving my brain is still and focused, and perhaps more importantly my kids are strapped down. Ahem. Buckled up.

Admittedly some days I am more focused than others. I think that’s just how it goes, always.

So this is how it works for me. I grab hold of my rosary as I back out my driveway, and hold it in one hand while I drive with the other. When I get to my destination, I mark my place with a bobby pin. When I get back in the car, I finish praying.

Another help: the Rosary Army podcast. Before my conversion I received my first rosary from them for free and downloaded the podcast which consists of a man and woman praying the rosary. It’s a great help for those occasions when you aren’t able to count the beads yourself, or if you’re a newb and don’t know the prayers by heart!

One more: I sometimes find myself wanting to pray the rosary while I am cooking or cutting vegetables and it’s difficult to hold a rosary in hand. Those times I count out 10 beans and just move them back and forth from one pile to another on the counter to keep count.


11 thoughts on “Daily Rosary Hack

  1. The Rosary Army podcasts are great! A bonus I find about praying the rosary in the car is that it helps settles little ones. My little girl is used to listening to me pray the rosary in the car (and usually falls asleep to it). If we are on a long journey and she is getting a bit agitated, the rosary helps!


    • I need to try that! I think I pray too quietly in the car in general, but maybe if I did it louder it would keep down the screaming and monkey sounds that assault me from the back seat! 😉


  2. Hi Rachael, I started saying the rosary as I drove to work every day using a rosary cd. As a mom of 7 I found time to say all 20 decades. Work included many meetings etc. After my 7th son was born I would use these same cd’s to play as I rocked him to sleep. He knows the rosary and loves to pray it. This was a grace from God through the hands of the Blessed Mother. She instilled in me this love of the rosary and the peace and joy that comes from praying it. Thanks for sharing, God bless, tami


    • It’s amazing how much time for prayer you can find in the car! Do you find that the entire day runs smoother when you make the rosary a priority? I think that’s how it goes for me!


      • Rachael, the Blessed Mother showered me with so many graces that friends at work would ask why I was so peaceful and joyful. It was the rosary, it became a way of life for me. It prepared
        me to carry the cross of cancer that I carry today. I would not have the strength to carry this cross, had I not walked the way of the cross with Mary by praying the rosary. God Bless You


      • I LOVE that your co-workers asked you about it, to me that sums up 1 Peter 3:15! My dad has cancer, and I feel a little sorry for him because he’s not religious and doesn’t have Jesus or the Blessed Mother to lean on!

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      • I will pray the rosary for him daily for this intention. Thanks for sharing this with me. In times of suffering Jesus and Mary must be the strength we lean on. I started my little blog to reach out to mothers who are suffering in any way. I used to be the forever moving mom. The cross laid upon my back was a “kiss from Jesus.” Jesus instilled within my heart what Love truly is. My life now is completely in the loving hands of Jesus and Mary I pray for all who ask and for those who don’t. So rosary tonight and daily for you and those you love. Trust in Jesus he loves your father so much more than even family does. I know this, because when those around me want to give up and walk away, Jesus speaks to my heart saying: “I love you as you are and my love is forever and unending. You will always be in the center of my heart.’~ God Bless, tami


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