In Honor of the Sacred Heart

This week I have been thinking about teaching my Lillian how to pray.

I have found it tricky (on the level of defusing a bomb) to be a Christian out loud in front of my children, and in secret in front of my husband. Sometimes it’s like living with a divided heart. Oliver does not enjoy seeing religious images popping up in our house. And yet enjoy seeing beautiful reminders of my faith throughout the day. Our little compromise is this: I can hang up crosses received as a gift, and I can put some images in my bathroom and on the wall immediately above my little bedside table.

It’s a small space, but I am trying to turn bedside table area into a little oratory so that we can have a beautiful focal point to gather in front of after breakfast to start our day. (For more info about oratories plus picture inspiration, go here!)

So far I have a crucifix, an image of the Visitation of Mary from The Little Oratory book which I won in a giveaway and a print of the Holy Family that I got from Edel last year (Lillian LOVES that one!). I can’t afford very much, and my husband wouldn’t be comfortable with anything too “shriney” popping up in our bedroom. I keep thinking that I may as well create some images for myself!

So here is a one-two punch: the prayer Anima Christi and the Sacred Heart of Jesus all in the same image! These two do not technically go together, but as with so much in the Catholic faith they still kinda do! Click on the image to view the full size, and right click and save if you would like a copy of this 5×7 printable image for yourself! Enjoy!



Epic Sunday Prints

Yesterday was an epic Sunday! It was both Trinity Sunday and the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the anniversary of my consecration to Jesus through Mary! I absolutely adore seeing the feast and solemnity fall on the same day because of Mary’s intimacy with the Holy Trinity: daughter of the Father, mother of the Son and spouse of the Holy Spirit! In honor of this beautiful day I created some printable files from a couple of watercolor drawings, just click on the image to see the full size, then right click and save. These are 8×10. Enjoy! auspicemaria1 visitation

The Archnemesis of Creativity

paintingTwo blog posts in one day? I do what I want.

I always blog at the desktop computer in the back bedroom. In the past I have had the ability to write flexibly from any cushioned surface on a laptop, but these days I don’t own one of those newfangled devices. When I sit at the desktop computer, the sheer formality of sitting up straight on a chair seems to often kill the creative spirit. It stimulates my perfectionism.

At this very moment I am sitting with my IT husband’s work laptop at the kitchen table directly in front of a pitcher full of fiery roses, leaning haughtily back in a chair while my feet rest on another chair in front of me. It strikes me that this is exactly the writers’ slouch that I have missed. You can’t be a perfectionist when you’re sitting next to a bowl of browning guacamole a scabby cat, I’ll tell you that much.

Perfectionism is the archnemesis of creativity when I sit down to paint as well.

I often find myself seeking to paint at a level of photorealism which I don’t even want to take the time to achieve. I keep reminding myself that there is beauty in the process, and beauty in capturing the essence of something without necessarily rendering every line in precisely in a grid.

I have always been a notes sketcher, a lecture sketcher, a phone sketcher. I absolutely filled my college notebooks with doodles of whatever happened to burst into mind at the moment. Creativity was wild because I felt no pressure for my artwork to live up to someone else’s expectations! It turns out that I am happier when my paintings spring from sketches. Perfectionism can go straight Hell.

I am officially reclaiming the dignity of folk art.