Lizard Cottage

Oliver and I officially named our house Lizard Cottage this weekend. We have a lot of lizards in our greenery. Mostly Carolina anoles.


Green anole lizard. Not my picture.

I have a particular fondness for this type of lizard because:

a) I once spent twenty minutes researching facts about them for a couple of middle school girls at the library who caught one and wanted to know how to care for it.

b) The first time I caught one, the sucker bit me with its toothless mouth. It startled me and caused me to fling it down a hallway. Feisty.

c) They have powers! Naturally a lovely green, anoles can turn brown at will.

d) Green is the best color. No contest.

I also love the idea of living in a house with a name. Recall Shell Cottage, Barton Cottage, Longbourne…Pemberley. Let’s forget for a moment that I live in a 1970s ranch style house with faux drywall sprayed over thin paneling. It’s small. I’d say “cottage” is appropriate and reflects the level of minimalism I aspire to attain. So hello from Lizard Cottage!