Pinterest Therapy

People use Pinterest for a number of reasons, but nothing delights me more than the boards I have created solely for aesthetic appeal. Without further ado, I present to you my three favorite and totally frivolous Pinterest boards. These are the boards I look at when I need a little visual therapy.

1. Color ❤color 2. Light ❤

light3. Beautiful World

beautiful world

Do you have a favorite board? I would love to check it out!


My Week In Media

Listening to: the Oh Hellos (is that perfection, or what?). Found them on Noisetrade and downloaded the album legally for free on there in return for the ol’ zip code.


Podcasting: every week I find myself waiting for Haley and Christy’s podcast, Fountains of Carrots to come out. This week Leila Lawler reminded me to be kind to my kids.


Reading: I checked out this book on my Kindle through my library’s Overdrive media system solely because I like the cover, the title and the author’s name. So far I kinda like it. It’s not a story with a narrative as I would prefer, but it’s composed of a bunch of little vignettes about living in Paris for a year with her Italian husband and two kids.


Watching: Started watching this while folding my laundry. It can be silly at times, but also hilarious. Netflix it up.