Writing “100”

sandersI always thought it was a curious fact of life that every teacher I ever had in my entire academic career, elementary through high school wrote “100” in the same exact way. Red pen, connecting zeroes. I’ve practiced writing “100” that way numerous times and could never get it to look convincing. Probably because I spent my middle school years industriously writing new alphabets so that my friends and I could write our letters in the exact same way. That and inventing codes and writing notes about said teachers in code. I was a rebel.

Also probably because I was never in enough of a hurry to lend the number the edge that a speedy swipe would give it. Alas, I was too deliberate. I had too much time on my hands.

There was no unit in my teacher training classes to prepare the aspiring teachers to write “100” like a real teacher. Clearly it would be irresponsible to accept a teacher position until I rectify this shocking void. Luckily I have a carefully preserved specimen written circa 1996 on a handmade 1607 Jamestown cookbook from 7th grade. Behold the lonesome 1 and the delicate curve of the double zeroes. A skinny and a fat. Beautifully executed. The 1 with a toe edged beyond the circle line.

Now that I am a mother and I have to do everything in between investigating curious silences and shrieking, “get down from there!” I might actually be able to work with the urgency necessary to successfully recreate teacher handwriting.